The Horse and The Boy

There was this Little Pony, who used to roam around in the wild along with her group consisting of her mother and other horses, but the Little Pony named Isabel was quite active and had the tendency to run away from her group, she did not like the too strict rules and regulations of moving around in Groups.

Her mother,Emily said to her : Baby Isabel, there’s a army of demons, called humans, who with there whimsical and cruel ways steal away our freedom.

Isabel: Mother, what is this ,’freedom’?

Emily: Freedom is something like, we have the freedom to move around as per our wish.

Isabel: Then certainly, I do not have one.

After saying that Isabel, ran away from the group and  her mother kept calling.

Shyam was a village boy who worked in a stable. His master was a tough guy, with the motto that , ‘all work and no play’. This made Shyam a dull boy. Shyam felt somewhat like Isabel and wanted to break free and run away. One day the master made Shyam work upto 4pm without a break. Shyam had to miss his lunch. After 4pm when Shyam was going to have food, his master called him back saying that if you go for lunch now, you will be late in returning and the race begins at 4:30 pm, so better get the preparation started. Shyam felt very angry, angry to the extent he never felt before. He grabbed the food he had, picked up his favourite horse and stealthly drove away from the back door. He rode like a jockey and did not stop until he himself felt tired. He was in the wild now and followed by a shower of snow. He pulled the bridle, tied the horse to the tree and took refuge  outside a temporary hut structure. He unpacked the food which he had and stared to eat.

Isabel was crossing by, she saw Shyam. This was the first time she was looking at a human being. By the description of humans as was given by her mother, Shyam qualified. She ran away fast, then she paused and looked back. Shyam was alone and did not try to follow Isabel. Isabel got enquisite, was Mommy telling me the truth. She moved forward to Shyam. Shyam got scarred and ran towards his horse.

Shyam quickly untied the horse and drove away fast. Isabel was in a fix, unable to comprehend. She smiled thinking that the mother of that boy might have told him a similar story against horses as she was told by her mom against humans.

The master of the boy was all red and flaming with anger. He locked the back door and waited at the front entrance with a stick. The horse who was supposedly the star of the race was taken way by the boy. Taken away by a boy who was entrusted with the responsibility of only cleaning that horse, how dare he sat and drove away.

The boy came at the stable, he was flunged from the horse by his master and was about to get the taste of the stick. Shyam uttered: pardon, pardon master, pardon. It was so foolish of me. This will never happen again.

The Master ordered the jockey to take the horse and asked Shyam as to where did he drove her to.

Shyam said that he went in that direction but does not know the place. A pony was also there, wild and she marched towards him. He got scarred and ran back.

His master laughed at his loudest. He announced free juices and drinks for the boy, he has done a wonderful job. We shall soon have new members in our stable. Shyam, realised at an instance that he had committed a mistake.

The next day, Master, along with his gang of greeds, drove in the direction as stated by Shyam. The were fully prepared for the catch. Shyam was also taken along. After an hour of search, Master did not find anything, he was getting furious. He said: Shyam, I think you have crossed all the limits and you certainly need a re-introduction of myself. I will give you a wonderful treat when we go back and you gonna remember it for a very very long time. Shyam was shivering to his tip. Suddenly, the glance of the Master stopped at the foot prints. They certainly, belonged to wild horses. He followed the prints and soon the group of wild horses was visible to the Master. He planned a strategy with his man and executed it well, soon all the wild horses, five of them, including Isabel were under the control of the Master. He took them to his stable. They were not fed for two days, what they got for food was, thrashing. Ultimately, the wild horses gave up and started to come under his tame.

Due to the guilt conscience, Shyam took good care of the group. After some span of time, Isabel turned into a beautiful white horse and Shyam was a trained jockey. Shyam shared a special bonding with Isabel and there family members. Today was first day for Shyam to ride on the Isabel. Isabel was very happy that Shyam would ride her. She ran so fast that Shyam won the race. The next day Shyam was to ride a different horse. This day Shyam did not win the race. Soon, it was evident that Shyam would win the race whenever he drove Isabel and the same was true for Isabel. The combo was perfect. Soon Shyam was a rich man. He devised a plan to rescue Isabel and its group from the cruel Master.

He offered all his savings to buy Isabel. The Master was aware for his affection for Isabel, he raised the stakes. Shyam has to win extra five races in order to buy her. After that, Shyam contacted another Racecourse owner and struck a deal that he would make Isabel run on his racecourse and win the race and in return, the stable owner needs to give  50% of the winning amount. Soon Shyam had sufficient money to buy the entire group of Isabel comprising of her mother and other horses.

Shyam’s glory spread far and wide. Soon he was a owner of a racecourse himself. He brought other horses and left Isabel and his group in a wild life century where they were free for ever. All very happy.

The moral of the story is that no matter how difficult the circumstances are, if we show COURAGE AND DETERMINATION, we can overcome anything and make our dream come true.


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