There’s an Owl saying that Who says that there is no livelihood at night. Wakeup and see and I make a living out of the darkness. Darkness is not something to be scared-off. It is something to be explored, to guard oneself against. Without darkness one would never ever value the moments of light and life showered by the almighty. So, once darkness comes, do not break-down, for every phase passes away. It is just like our presence in college which may also invite ragging but at that time we need to remember that the College shall give us degree which we will cherish for life.


There’s a Dog saying that Who says there is shortage of love. You please be loyal to your dear ones and you will find loads of love in return. Love is something which is unconditional, you cannot put the logics of science in it. If you give love, you will get the same in return, if not now then later. I make a living out of the sheer love bond which I share with my master. Its not the bones which gives me vitamins. It is the smile on my caretaker that cheers me up. Be loyal and get the same in return.


There’s a Peacock saying that Who says that making your surrondings clean and green is a waste of time. My heart flies like a bird when I see lush green nature, water droplets falling, clouds gushing and soothing wind blowing. Stand up and go in some park, plant saplings in your home. You will find your connection with the nature. When you become one with the nature, the eternal happiness shall make you dance, as I do. Come and watch me dance and you would not require any further explanations.


There’s a Horse saying that Who says that energy is something which is external. Budy, the gist of the story of life is that we keep seeking support from one or another and easily blame the surroundings for where you are. But, what about those who are successful, read there biographies, you will find that not all have been born with a silver spoon or with a bed of roses. The horse power (hp cc) is within yourself. When life beats you, increase the hp (horse power). The determination, grit, devotion, discipline, adherence, focus, aim is the horse power I am talking about.


There’s a Donkey saying that Who says that for accomplishing loads of work, loads of perquisite is needed. You can be motivated with the thought that you are doing some work which is considerable, you can do it. Isn’t it something not to be happy about. I do work all day and in the evening my master releases me to chew grass from the neighbour’s lawn. He has made me do the work for almost no peny at all, oh…My..My.., am I a donkey !. I have no complains, I get the grass, it doesn’t matter who grew it. Now tell me, who’s the donkey. You do lots of extra work for your employer but he pays you fixed monthly salary, am I the donkey here. You die so many deaths during your lifetime for bright future of your child and one day your child says you that what have you done for me, am I the donkey here. So, the gist is that its not bad to be a donkey, sometimes you have no option, but is bad regretting the past. The true happiness does not lie in the outcome of any activity. The true happiness lies in performing the activity well, cherish you work and you will find the happiness.


There’s a Parrot  saying that Who says that I cannot do this or I cannot do that. Look at me, I can speak your language. If that is possible, then why not other things. There’s a saying that , ‘kart kart abhyas, jadmati hoi sugan’, means that keep trying and you will find success. With regular practice, meditation, action even a feeble mind gains wisdom. You can do whatever you feel like. Do it, even it takes to eat red spicy chilly like Bhut Jhalokia. There’s no gain without any pain. Don’t be scarred of the downfalls, they are the ones which will teach you how to tread.


There is a Monkey saying that Who says that you need to fight to safeguard yourself. Just scare the adversity and it will not turn to you again. There’s no harm in copying. No one is great writer, singer, philosopher, dancer, gymnast , by birth. My case is exceptional, I am, by the way, a good gymnast, by birth. Copy the greats and you tend to copy your mother or father or others at home. So, I would add for the parents, that behave properly, your kid is copying you. So the gist is that if you want your children to be different then first change yourself and then see the change.


The moral of the story is that if animals can teach us so much, consider your successful life will inspire and teach so many others. You are, what you think, so think positive and fly.


Author: bedtimestories511

I am a tax consultant by profession.

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