The Honest Boy

There was this boy who was aged just 6 and lived with his parents in the suburbs of Rasoolpur, Rajasthan. His father, Ramesh,  was a daily wage earner and desperately wanted his son to get good education so that he does not endup  like his father. Though, he earned little but there was no complain in the family. The reason being that when he came home, he would fill the atmosphere with joy and laughter with his cracky jokes and witty narratives of the daily incidents.  The boy, ‘Ram’ loved his father a lot and waited eagerly everday for his father to come home in the evening. His father though illiterate but was an intelligent man. He told his Son that, ‘Ram’, in life, money is not everything, it is something which makes everything. The boy was confused, he asked, Dad what do you want to say. He said that see Ram, if we work, we gonna get money, the amount of money is determined by the quantity and quality of work you put in. If you get yourself educated, your quality will be rewarded highly but if you compromise on virtues and principles, your earnings will go down no matter, how big you become in life or how big your post might be. One should always be honest.

Time passed and with the hard work and sincerity of Ramesh, Ram graduated and got a good job in the city. He soon got promoted and with the new found power and money, he felt himself to be in the top of the World. His old father gave a visit to him in his office without prior notice. Ram was very happy to see his father in the office but at the same time, looking at the poor attire of his father, he felt a bit ashamed. He greeted his father and ordered tea and snacks for him. In the meantime, her beautiful colleague came and enquired about the new visitor. Ram took the girl, Poonam, in the corner and said that he is just a distant relative from his village. Poonam came to his desk to deliver the message of his boss that if he gives his report today itself, he had chances of pay raise.

Ram was every excited with this message. Ram told his father that he need to work late in office so that he can finish an assignment. Ram said that he will tell his driver to drop him at residence. Ramesh replied that he came to take Ram along with him to his Village, because her mother was very ill and doctors feared that it could be fatal.

Ram told his father, that tomorrow, early morning the first thing they would do is leave for Village. Ram took raw data  from his subordinates so that he can prepare the report. Ram worked late night but could not complete the report, he worked whole night inspite of knowing that early morning he is supposed to leave for village. In the morning , Poonam was very impressed to know that Ram was working whole night for the report. Ram said to Poonam that some data are missing and if she could fetch them from a file lying at his residence, he would be thankful.  Poonam went to his house and was greeted there by Ramesh. She came to know that Ramesh was none but the father of Ram. Ramesh told Poonam that how Ram was attached to him in his childhood and how much they missed him. Poonam felt very bad that Ram lied to him about his father. She took the file from the residence and delivered to Ram. She said to Ram that its already 1.00pm and she learned from the old man at home that you were supposed to leave for Village for some work.  Ram said that he will not be able to leave before evening. Poonam was so upset that she took half-day leave and left office. In the evening , Ram could not finish the Report but furnished Report to his boss as complete. He then ran to his residence. To his surprise, he found the door locked. He booked a cab and went to his Village, there too he found lock on door of his village house. The neighbours were also clueless as to where did they go.

At this point, Ram broke down. He said to himself that if something happens to his Mom, he would never be able to forgive himself. Ram was definitely tired, he went to nearby temple and felt asleep.

When he woke up in the morning, the temple priest recognised Ram. He said to him that his father had come with his Mom and a young lady to the temple and said that they were going to the City.

In the meantime, the boss of Ram called up to say that they suffered a huge loss due to decision based on his Report and he doubted its authenticity.   The Board had called a meeting and may even consider firing Ram if he does not prove his Report.

Ram told to his boss that honestly he had furnished report which was yet to be completed and was regretfully ready for any decision to be taken by the Board.

Ram called-up Poonam so that she could go and  attend his parents at his residence. He was also very enquisite as to why  Poonam took a half-day leave and left just before lunch , so he asked her the reason. Poonam said that she was upset at Ram for introducing his father as distant relative.

Ram said that he is very sorry for his silly behaviour was already feeling guilty. He said that Board is considering to fire him and that was appropriate thing to do in view of his dishonest acts. Ram also told Poonam that his mother is seriously ill and he was really worried about her.

Poonam told that I am really feeling ok now knowing at the heart you are still an honest person. She informed him that he need not worry about his mother because she went to village yesterday along with his Dad to fetch his mother. Her mother has been treated in a good hospital and doctor said that she will recover fast. She also said that she has informed the office about your parents so that they could grant me leave for admitting your mother in a good hospital. Poonam said that considering your tense situation, she was hopeful that Board would give you another chance and would not dismiss him.

Poonam always had something in her heart for Ram but he was too busy to notice it.

Soon, the cell of Ram ringed with his boss informing that they will not fire Ram but he will have to pay some fine and there would be no promotion.

Ram was delighted at the news. Ram realised that Poonam had a longing for her and what a fool he was to not notice it before. He called Poonam to thank her from the core of his heart for being a smaritan at such times. Ram then told her about the importance of honesty narrated by his father in his childhood, but it was only now that he has come to know the true meaning. The moral of the story is that virtues like honestly should be held tightly, they will not let you fall in life and will also help you rise.


Author: bedtimestories511

I am a tax consultant by profession.

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