via Daily Prompt: Uneven

The word ‘Uneven’ seems to be the most ‘Even’ phenomenon in our lives. I mean, look around, do you really think that things have stayed as they should have been or as you expected them to be. There are wonderful events in our lives which become memorable and as a natural tendency we as humans try to rebuild the situations which give us wonderful memories but honestly do we succeed everytime. The answer is no, the events or functions or ‘moments of joy’ give us warmth and uplifts our spirits only due to the special relationships we share with the people participating in the event, function or moment. As soon as the relationship changes, the warmth slowly becomes faint, gets less appealing and we do not find the same joy. This brings us to the realisation that life is uneven, whether we like it or not but we have to face the situations. When in School, we take the words of our classmates very seriously as they mean a World to us, if our best friend has said something against as , we get sleepless nights, if someone has said against my best friend than he was to face me first.But as we grow, old friends disappear in the oblivion and old sweet memories comes to haunt you, but that how it is. This is ‘Unevenness’, we try to make the situation ‘Even’ my mingling with our new college friends and soon after few adjustments , things starts  going smooth. This is life, we move on.

Friends, we need not panic. Things are here to change and we are here to plan. Plan you life, bring some balance. If you feel lonely, open up. If you are too frank, you may get hurt. Things will go ‘Uneven’, you can even this up by setting your limitations, knowing your boundaries and respecting the constraints that surrounds you. Soon, you will find friends pouring in. Its upto you, be it any situation, love with your spouse, parenting of your child, formal relation with your boss, gossips with your friends, the easy thing always would be to walk-away but soon you will realize walking away will only magnify the problem and it will come back and hit you like a bolt out of blue. Be it any situation, vow to face it, like a man, one o one, straight into the eye and you will soon realise that this was in fact the easiest thing to do. The issue will be over than and there and it wouldn’t come back to haunt you.

Be it any ‘Uneven’ situation, we as humans, filled with emotions, ethos, love, affection, feelings and warmth can always turn it into a favourable ‘Even’ situation.

I request each and everyone who is reading this, to give a chance to positive attitude, positive approach and positive thinking, if things do not get better than you can go back to your old ways but I know that after giving it a try, you do not have look back again….




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I am a tax consultant by profession.

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