कान्हू जूजू को लगता है प्यार

मेरी आँखों का वो तारा

देख मुझे सब छोड़ देता

बस चढ़ गोदी ख़ूब खेलता

हम दोनों की जोड़ी न्यारी

लगती सबको भी है प्यारी

कान्हू को जूजू की गोदी

गोद में मेरे जब चढ़ जाए

बाय बाय कर यूँ इठलाए

घूमने अब में जाऊँगा

कहता माँ से जूते पहनाये

फिर चली अपनी सवारी

बर्र बर्र चलने की तैय्यारी.. पवन

I want to introduce you all to Kanhu. Kanhu is my lil buddy actually He is “Parjanya ” we call him Kanhu with love , and as the name depicts he is just like Bal Gopal Lil Krishna. He has won our hearts like the almighty with his cuteness and innocent talks which astonishes one and all. He has completed his two years today, though there are many words which he cannot pronounce properly but he speaks enough to bring your interest in him. The words from his mouth sounds as sweet as the bells of a temple.

About a year ago, when asked about  me, as to who I am ?. He replied, ‘Ju Ju’. We could not understand at first. Then on asking him again, he said ‘Ju ju…brrrr….’. As I have an Activa and he enjoys a ride with me when he is around and must have heard his mom saying Jiju, so he gave me a new name JUJU .. I too became child with him and soon we were the best buddies . He responds back when I call him buddy , When I am around, he always prefer to come to me. I took it as a matter of pride and  could make other jealous by asking him to come to my lap from there’s to which he always responded positively. Today he is in mumbai and I am missing him a lot on his Birthday. I am actually writing this for him to read but  he is too small today for this. Time will fly soon like a bird and when he grows up he will be happy to read these words and wishes. I must say Kanhu and I are a team. On every given opportunity, I would take him out to mall, take car and pony rides, roam around in my Scooty with some person, may be masi, mama, mother  or be it any other person to hold him tight. When we were apart, he misses me and I miss him. Even today, when on a Video chat, on seeing me, he gets excited and shouts Ju ju..’, and makes everyone around jealous.

I just wish my Lil Buddy, my SON comes soon and we play again and have loads of fun together and I pray to the Lord he always stay blessed and Happy with the love and care of his elders and keep bringing smiles with his innocent ways  on our faces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR  KANHU 


Author: bedtimestories511

I am a tax consultant by profession.

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