IBMC#2 Freeze A Foto Challenge




My  sister-in –law, Riddhi, was getting married, her marriage was fixed and everyone including me and my wife were very happy, as after ten years of my wedding another wedding was going to happen in the family . A feeling of happiness and enthusiasm ran among all of us. These are unique days, you feel the joy of seeing your dear one making a new bright beginning in life and it feels very satisfying to be a part of the event.

This was the day of the Sangeet, just before the ‘D’ day everyone danced there heart out. On request of my Sali Sahiba, I kept  curly locks as I didn’t have to work hard for it just skipped going for hair cuts :). Everyone was fond of that look , I must be sounding self obsessed but actually I was very excited.  Riddhi is just like a child to me. She was just 14 when I got married and seeing her happy was giving me a soothing satisfaction , which you can even feel now .

Well , The day of Sangeet was the day for me to flaunt my hair and my new look . Let me tell you that I am among the worst dancer ever around. My dance is the typical dance as shown by the friends in front of Bridegroom when he is sitting on the horse outside the Bride’s house.Every step was enough to evoke your burst of laughter at which you yourself would be surprised because you would be witnessing a man swimming who does not know how to swim, a person driving a car who does not know where the breaks are but the occasion was such that I could not stop myself from dancing.

Here comes the best part which I can never forget, God knows what came over me, I danced like a crazy in a nomadic manner, one of its kind. Riddhi enjoyed a lot, she joined me later, followed by the group of her lovely friends, Her Beautiful friends were encircling me and were hooting like anything  , Each one of them were enjoying the dance and I was the radius of the Circle on the hit number of that time ” Munni badnam hui”…darling there liye….They all portrayed as Munni and I was the darling :):) , Or In other words I was the Jhandu Balm on the ninth cloud and they were all having fun .. Whatever .. Those moments were full of craziness and Full of joy as till today whenever that song hits my or anyone’s ears in the family the neck always turns towards me .



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