There were these two sisters. One was Maya and the other was Chaya. Maya was very frank and attention seeker while Chaya was rational and shy. Inspite of many dissimilarities they were the best of budies for each other and the level of comfort which they found in company of each other was no where else to be found. They made it a point to sit and talk, share, discuss, laugh and cry out the important events of the day, may it be scolding from Dad, appreciation at school, support by Mom or any other. They being twins, had the opportunity to spend the most part of there day together, right from  going to same school, studying in the same section and sharing the same room at Night. When one comes to know that these two go along very well, one is under the impression that they do not have quarrels or misgivings but it is not true, they have hours of discontent too but at the end of the day, there love for each other triumphs over the disagreements. In any relationship, you will always find that one or the other is more understanding, without a bend of compromise here or there, no relationship can sustain, such was there relationship and Chaya was more understanding than Maya.

Maya’s way of doing things were different from that of Chaya’s. Though Maya sarcastically used to tease Chaya that she belongs to the old school and should have taken birth in the generation of her Mom and not with here, Chaya would laughs it out saying that its good that you are getting the company of your sister and supposedly(deemed) mom at the same time.

This is a incidence of Class III when the teacher took Maya in a dance program which was supposed to be performed on the School Annual Day but dropped her later stating that she felt that taking so many dancers on one stage will make the stage crowdie and would not give the impact that was required on the audience. Maya was very angry at this, in the evening then she was in her bunker bed for sleep, she told to Chaya that her teacher was a biased one and favoured the daughter of Mrs Briganza, our math’s teacher and now when I am out, Lulia Briganza would be dancing on the forefront of dance floor, taking all the limelight. Chaya replied that why was she reading between the lines, when your teacher said that too  many on the floor shall disturb the magical impression which she is trying to create , then so be it, by not dancing you are helping your teacher more than what you would have done by dancing. It was many months later when the same teacher insisted solo performance on a number and choose Maya for the dance, did  she realize that how true Chaya was. Life is not always that complicated, it’s that we make it complicated. These words of wisdom were nowhere else to be found.  Chaya too would find her day a waste if her sister did not share the incidents of the day or listened to her in the evening.

As they grew up, Maya being more prettier than Chaya used to get a lot more compliments. When in College, Maya took to cosmetics and all new stuff to make her skin look more young, innocent, fair and glowy. Chaya told her that what’s all this, you already get compliments then why make your face an experimental guinea pig where you have to try the cream of every single popular brand.

Maya :  Why don’t you  admit Chaya that you are jealous of me and does not want me to look more fair than what I already am. Moreover, I do not understand why you too get compliments many a times inspite you being not so good looking as I am.

Chaya (laughing) : You know me, there’s nothing like any of it in me and especially for you sister, I would always be more happy rather than being jealous and as far as beauty is concerned, I personally belief that beauty come not only from looks but also from your thoughts, your mannerism and the level of understanding you show on any matter.

Maya : You know that guy, Suresh, who is in with you in your lab practicals, stares at me and when such handsome guy gives me attention, I need to look the best.

Chaya : You might be feeling so but you don’t know him at all. He can stare you, get attracted towards you but he will not befriend you until and unless he knows you. Do you want to meet him, he will be coming for the science tution near our home. I shall call him home first then we would go together for the class, in the meantime I will introduce him to you so that you could know him.

Maya:  That would be

Chaya knew that her sister was heading towards one more lesson in life and the sooner she gets it the better it is. Maya and Suresh were soon chatting, texting and sometimes partying with friends. In a late night party with friends :

Suresh  : Maya you need to make your way back home and should not drink more and moreover your concerned Mom would be calling you at any minute. Few of my friends stay in your area, so you could drop them too.

Maya : Oh Suresh,  don’t be a spoil sport, party is for having fun, enjoy  bring me some more and as far as my Mom is concerned she worries needlessly, will scold a little to me and that’s it, just forget. As far as your friends are concerned, why are they living, actual party has just begin.  If they leave now, they have manage of there own, I have just started to enjoy. Common lets rock…yeh…yeh…

Suresh didn’t like it but being a good friend avoided any unpleasant exchange of words. Chaya than came rushing to Maya and told her that did you see the watch, it’s already past 11pm and it would take another 1 hour to reach home, we can’t keep Mom waiting for so long and since few of the friends of Suresh stay in our area, we shall drop them too.

Maya : Are you serious, do you really want to go.

Chaya: Yes, I am serious and its time for you to get serious. Let’s go and please do not insist on driving, I know that at present I am the best fit to drive.

Suresh was glad that Chaya was understanding enough.

After a week, Suresh proposed Chaya to which she accepted, expressing her overwhelming happiness. Maya was so very disturbed by this turn of events, she was determined to have her last words in her life with Chaya in that evening. Maya loved Suresh and thought Suresh might be having the same feeling for her. Maya was charged and as red as hot iron, ready for deadly strike on Chaya.

Chaya (on seeing Maya):  Maya, my dear sister, you won’t believe what happened today.

Maya : Yeah, I am astonished, I still cannot believe and am in a state of shock.

Chaya: Shock ?. What for ?

Maya : I heard that Suresh proposed you and I am in state of shock to know that you accepted it ?

Chaya : Sister, what’s wrong in his proposal or in my acceptance ?

Maya: Suresh was mine, in fact, he is mine. You knew that I loved him then how dare you not turn down his proposal.

Chaya: I knew that you liked him but did you ever tell me that you loved him, moreover does he have the same feelings towards you.

Maya: Suresh never told me that he liked me or loved me so how could I say this to you and I did not tell you that I loved Suresh because it was so obvious, the way I talked about him and the way he greeted me.

Chaya: Oh common, he greets everyone the same way and I told you the very first day that he was different, he would never become your friend without knowing you and after knowing anyone, he would not go out and propose until and unless he gets what he wants in a girl. You being my sister, even if I would have turned his proposal down for you what would be the guarantee that he would have proposed you next. Though, he has proposed me but you can still go and find out for yourself what he thinks of you.

The next day on seeking Suresh in the College campus, Maya approached him.

Maya :Hi Suresh

Suresh : Hi

Maya: Tell me something honestly, do you like me ?

Suresh: Why are you asking ?

Maya : Just tell me.

Suresh: Offcourse I like you !

Maya : Then why did you go out and propose Chaya. What’s in Chaya that’s not in me ?

Suresh: Maya  do not take me otherwise but I like so many other girls too but that does not mean that I have feeling towards them so to call it ‘love’. Love is different from Like and you propose only to the girl who you love. You are also a very sweet person but I have a liking for Chaya. When you love someone, you don’t need a reason, the feeling comes from within.

Maya realized that she was being irrational. She realized that it’s not the outer beauty that can win hearts but it’s the inner beauty, character, grit, substance, integrity and strength that can get you laurels or make a place in someone’s heart.  So, the moral of the story is that if you want something positive to happen to you then the journey starts within.


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