If Lord Krishna would have to tease Radha in the present world of Gadgets and online social media availability, he definitely, would have used them in his day to day life.

The story revolves around, basically, the three characters : (i) Radhika (ii) Subhadra and (iii) Krishan. Subhadra and Krishna being brother and sisters and Radhika being best friend of Subhadra. This was the time when these three were having school summer holidays and being neighbours had the opportunity to meet time and again in the tution class or dance class or in the park. The Scene is of Tution Class where all three studied together for the subject Maths. They all had latest mobiles, I-Phone laced with updated apps. The prominent which kept them busy was (i)Facebook, (ii) Twitter and (iii) Whatsapp.

The favourite  app of Radhika was Whatsapp. She was  member in atleast 10 groups and the biggest group of them was that of her school friends. Krishna believed more in Twitter as he liked that people follow him rather than he giving follow back to anyone, except to special few, like Radhika. Subhadra was comfortable with Facebook as she liked the gossips and comments on any issue, moreover from there she could also keep an eye on the activities and moves of his boy friend, Arjun. All three went for the tution class.

Radhika, Subhadra and Krishna : Good morning teacher , ‘Drona’.

Drona : Good morning students. How are you all ? As I promised you, I have prepared a mock maths question paper for you all to solve. I have typed and scanned in pdf and will forward you from my mobile.

Drona then quickly googles few teaching sites and then download’s one mock question paper from the facebook page of the teaching site ,’BYJUS’ and forwards to the student.

Krishna: Chuckles..

Radhika looks at Krishna with awe. While the teacher is busy sending with his laptop, she does whatsapp to Krishna ‘What is it?   Krishna whatsapp again that this is the mock question paper from BYJUS which he solved last night.

The teacher says  that he is going for some important work and would like to see the paper solved on coming back, i.e., within half an hour.

Krishna solves it in 10 minutes and send’s the pic of solved paper to  Subhadra. The following conversation takes place on Whatsapp between them.

Subhadra: Thanks Bro. Please also share the solved paper with Radhika.

Krishna: Let her ask and then I shall definitely send.

Radhika: I do not require, any help. I shall do it myself.

Subhadra : What’s the matter Radhika ?

Radhika: I am angry with Krishna. Yesterday, when I was taking a pot of Butter to my Dad’s shop in the market, he confronted me and offered to sell it at a price more than the market price but till now he has neither returned my Pot nor has given any money for it. I doubt he has eaten it himself along with his idle friends.

Subhadra: How can you say that he might have eaten it.

Radkhika : I saw his tweet, ‘ utterly butterly delicious’ and his picture in which he was posing along with the AMUL girl.

Subhadra then checks the tweet and replies back, ‘Have you eaten the whole pot’

Krishna tweets back : Na Sis, just tasted a bit.

Radhika sees the tweet

Radhika tells to Subhadra in a loud voice: Krishna is a liar, I myself have seen pictures posted on facebook by his friend Sudama in which he is seen eating butter along with him and his friends from the pot of mine.

On listening to the loud voice, the old mother of the Drona comes out of her room.

Mother: Childrens do not talk, I shall tell to Drona, better do your homework.

Radhika then forwards the facebooks pics of Krishna, Sudama and friends to Subhadra.

Subhadra writes on the facebook picture post: What brother, have you eaten the whole of butter.

Krishna wrote back: No, I just tasted it. Got to be sure that the butter is not spoilt.

Subhadra: Why is Sudama having it ?

Krishna: As customers were not forthcoming, Sudama had to eat a bit himself to make passerby realize that the butter is good and they can buy it.

Subhadra: Why are your friends having it ?

Krishna: The other guys are not my friends, they are prospective customers, just tasting it before making a mind to buy.

Subhadra: Then how much did you sell it ultimately for?

Krishna : I couldn’t , the butter was so less that it got over by just offering a bit of it to the prospective customers.

Radhika whatsapp to  Krishna: You have neither given me money nor any butter.

Krishna : Your butter was not good enough, so there was no buyer.

They all left the tution class after submitting there papers to Drona. Though Krishna had solved the paper in 10 minutes, but the student who got the highest marks was Radhika.

Subhadra(on Messenger): Hi Arjun, can you come in the park by 6 pm. I need to tell you something.

Arjun (in the park): Hey my Shubuu, what’s up !

Subhadra : Krishna has gone very naughty and teases Radhika now and then, do something to slow him down.

Arjun : No problem, this would be the first thing in the morning that I shall do.

Next day, early morning Krishna goes to the field for grazing his cows and  Arjun too  reaches there to meet him. On seeing Arjun,

Krishna : Hey Parth, how come you here.

Arjun : My lord, Subhadra is little worried with the way you play around Radhika. She has asked him to help her out. I somehow controlled my laughter and have assured her that things would be fine by tomorrow.

Krishna : Hahaha, you know Parth, in this world, everything is so materialistic, even the actions and words committed by human being have  motives behind, if you sit back and recall, it is difficult to find memories worth cherishing, therefore by such incidents I create memories that can stay close to my heart forever. As far as the  loss of butter-pot by Radhika, do not worry, I shall makeup for that. My Flute is updated with state-of-the-art technology and I can set frequencies waves so at to reach out only to the desired listeners. I have set the frequency as to reach the cow-shed of Radhika’s house.

Krishna then played his flute with such melody so as to be audible only to the cows in Radhika’s Cowshed. Radhika’s mother was milking at that moment. As soon as the cow’s heard the melodious flute, a spell was cast on them and they kept on giving milk, more than usual. Radhika’s mother was astonished and happy at the same time. She already has filled 10 buckets of milk as compared to the daily average of 5.

Krishna took Arjun along to Radhika’s house

Krishna : Hello, is anyone home ?

Radhika’s Mom : Who is it ? Oh Krishna and Arjun, how come you are here ?

Krishna: Hello Aunty, I have come here to compensate Radhika for the loss of butter pot.

Radhika’s Mom : Oh forget it, do not worry. Today is an auspicious day, my cows have given me milk, twice of what I get daily. This will not only makeup the loss but also give me some surplus butter to sell. You have come at the right time, have some butter and food.

Radhika : Oh Krishna, you are here along with Arjun, it’s very good. I was saying Mom about the pot full of butter which you took from me. She was very upset early morning, now face the music youself. Mom have you enquired about the pot with Krishna.

Radhika’s Mom : Oh sweetheart, forgive the poor soul. He had no bad intention, he looks so innocent.

Krishna laughs hearing this and Arjun laughs along while Radhika turned red in anger but was not in a position to say something or do something.

Moral of the story is that do not take life too seriously, it’s only one chance that which we have got, take it easy, enjoy it but at the same time act responsibly so as to not to  harm anyone with your acts and deeds and should always be ready to make good the loss.


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