As we know that Mobile is useful but at the same time can be harmful if not handled properly and when it comes to our little ones, we get over cautious. They have their own sets of arguments towards defending their stand on having their personal mobile whereas we have our own set of concern. Here is a skit on  ‘Mobile: A Necessary Evil’ to bring out the same.  I hope that you all will enjoy the Play.

Narrator1  : Dear friends, if a debate is conducted on whether we should have mobile or not then that would definitely be lengthy because we would not be giving up easily and at the same time our parents would not hesitate to try every trick in their book to persuade us or force us to stay away with it. Here is a skit in which some students pose as parents and some as their children to prove there point.

Child 1 : Mumma, you know that today there is annual function in the School and I want you and Papa to come on time and sit on the front row in the auditorium. My dance shall start sharp at 3.00 p.m. and I hope to see you in the front row. Your presence shall definitely cheer me up.

Mumma : Surely, my baccha. We shall be before time, you need not worry.

Papa : Beta, but where exactly is this auditorium located in your big School. What if we find it difficult to locate and you shall also be busy with your dance troop, who shall attend us then ?

Child 1 : I have a simple solution, let me carry the mobile and just give me a ring when you reach the entrance of the School.

Mumma : No way, how can you come up with the weird thought that I shall allow you the mobile. Mobile has many other features and our beta is not big enough to handle it.

Papa : Beta , I liked your point but you see but you see that your Mumma is also not wrong.

Narrator 1 : Child 1 thinks in her mind that every time Mumma comes up with something and Papa has to say the same old thing, ‘Beta you are right but your know that your Mumma is also not wrong’. I have to give a try to this in some other manner. Child 1 then makes a call to her best friend Child 2

Child 1 : Hello Child2, how are you my friend.

Child 2 : I am fine, how are you and what’s that urgent that you have to call me at 9:30 p.m. You know that by 9.45 my Mom strictly sends me to Bed.

Child 1 : The matter is not urgent but something more than that, it’s an emergency. I want to carry a mobile on our Annual Day Function but Mumma is not allowing. What to do ?

Child 2 : I have a idea, let us post this topic in our whatsapp group, though it’s a group of our friends but half of the number are that of our parents and I know that most of them  keep an eagle’s eye on what’s being posted. In fact, I have done it while we are talking. The post is, ‘Dear friends, should our Parent allow us to carry mobile on Annual Function Day in School’. You can go and see for yourself as to how things are shaping up.

Narrator 2: Now I shall tell you the content of the Whatsapp group. I am sure that you will be taken by surprise on how different an opinion can be on a single issue.

Child 3 : Wow Child2, you have posted a query which was going in my mind too. Parents should definitely allow us to have mobile. They say that you have grown up enough to shoulder new responsibilities and at the same time they do not want us to give the responsibility of carrying a mobile.

Child 4: I agree with Child3, if they will not give us new responsibility then how will we mature with time. We can take care of mobile, we are not kids anymore, they should know that we study in Class VII.

Child 5 : I am the Mumma of Child5, you kids are taking us wrong. You see that Mobile has internet and I know that first thing you will do is to download your favourite game and waste most of your time.

Child 6: I agree with Child 5. I had given once my Cellphone to my daughter and after 10 minutes, I saw her playing the game which was no good.

Child 7: Aunty, I agree that some child play game and some watch cartoons but most of us watch educational videos which is good academically.

Child 8: I think Child 7 is right. I gave mobile to my daughter last night to watch Byjus so that she can revise her Science topic and she did not break my trust.

Child 1 : I am the mother of Child1, my daughter asked me the Mobile for Annual Day and after going through the conversation, I think that I should give her idea a try.

Mummy : My dear Child1 , I have decided to allow you to carry mobile in School but you should use it only for attending my call or that of your Papa and for calling us, if needed.

Child 1 : Thank you Mumma.

Narrator2 : Child 1’s Papa gave his iphone 8S to her. On the Annual Function Day, she takes that mobile to her School.

Iphone8s : Papa has given me to her, he could have given her some silly Nokia phone. A smartphone like me does not suit her. Let’s see if she can handle me. At least dear Papa, should have activated the child lock.

Child 9 : Hi Child1, is that a mobile in your hand. Let me see once, wow it is amazing. I shall give it to you in 5 minutes. My mom was worrying for me, let me give her a call and say that if needed, she can call me in this number.

Dance teacher :Come on children, let’s take a rehearsal. Child 1, how will you show your wrist movements, with the mobile in your hand. Give it to Child 10 while you dance.


Child 10: What’s this ? Don’t tell me that this is iphone8s, launched last Sunday. Let me check it out. Where’s my favourite game ,’Blue Whale’? No problem, here goes the download. Now this is better, I shall play while she dance.

Virus : My dear Child 10, you have done a mistake by downloading this game. This game is especially made for  Child like you who shall help me break loose in the pretex of the game. Let me see what do I have for dinner in this, my favourite, iphone 8S.

iphone 8S : This virus had to come in me, why did he not find any other place on this Earth to create a nuisance.

Virus : Ha ha ha iphone 8S, are you scarred. I have not started yet.

iphone 8S : scarred of you, not at all. I can take care of evil mind like you, that’s what differentiates me with other phones.

Virus: Differentiate you, in which world do you stay ? The Company which has installed antivirus in you is the one that have created me. The only difference is that first they sell the anti-virus and later on they launch the virus so that people pay money to get there anti-virus updated. You are such a child, ha ha ha..

Child 10: The phone is ringing Child 1, I think the call is for you.

Child 1: Hello, hi Child1. I am the mumma of Child 9. Can you tell her to come at entrance gate to pick me up and is there some problem in you cell, the call gets diverted to different numbers. It’s the fourth call in which I am able to talk to you.

Narrator 3: As you all know, the unthinkable has happen. The situation in which Child 1 has been put in is not comfortable at all. The parents shall now definitely justify there not giving mobile phone to their children. Let’s see how thing turn up now. The phone rings again and Child 1 picks it up.

Papa:  Hello Beta, I got a call from bank that I have made a purchase of 50,000/- from my credit card and I did not do that. The card details are stored in the phone which you have and I have not given the same to anyone. Did you give the phone to someone ? We are about to reach your school. Please meet us at the entrance gate after 10 minutes.

Dance Teacher: What’s the matter Child 1, you look tensed.

Child 1: Ma’am, the mother of child 9 says that calls in your phone are being diverted and Papa called up and said that someone has used his credit card details to withdrawn 50,000/- from bank and the details are present only in this cell phone. I did not give the cell phone to anyone except to Child 9 who called her Mom in front of me and  Child 10 while I was rehearsing.

Dance Teacher : Child 10, tell me the truth, what did you do with the phone ? If you do not tell me the truth then I shall surely take you to the Principal Ma’am. You know that no one can lie in front of her.

Child 10 : Ma’am , I just kept it while she was dancing. Just check out few features and that’s it.

Narrator  3 : The teacher though it to be wise to take the matter to the Principal and she took Child 1, Child 9 and Child 10 to the Principal and narrated the whole story.

Principal : You see Child 10, you tell me frankly what’s the matter. I have always treated every child of this School as my own family member. I am so attached with everyone here that I understand each one of you. I know that you are a little over enthusiast and that’s the reason why I recommended you for the quiz games and robotic classes. There’s definitely something more you have done with the phone other than mere checking of features. If you tell me now, I shall not scold you rather I shall help you but if you do not let me help you than things will definitely go wrong for you. I shall have no option left, other than calling your parents.

Child 10 : I just downloaded , ‘The Blue Whale’ game in it. I could barely play it. I did not have the blue pen so I used the black pen to draw the Blue or shall I call it The Black Whale on my hand as a part of the game.

Principal : You are calling the game as ‘The Blue Whale’ or rather  ‘The Black Whale’. Do you think this is funny. Your playing this game is more serious than any other thing on this Earth. The creator of the game, ‘The Blue Whale’ is a malicious mind. The game itself is the biggest virus and the downloading brings other virus along. This game secretly extorts  all the personal information from you and use it to blackmail you, injure you and even to kill you. One should always stay away with it and if one come across such game then the first thing to be done is to tell your parents about it and stop playing it.

Narrator  4 : We can see that the Principal Ma’am quickly found everything out. So, as it goes in our homes that no one can hide anything from Mumma, the same goes in School as , ‘No one can hide anything from the Principal Ma’am’. The principal Ma’am explained the whole situation to the parents of Child 1 and recommended them to call a mobile expert to clean the virus. The parents of Child 1 did exactly the same.

Computer Expert : Hi, I am the computer expert and someone told me to come in the Principal’s Room for some cleaning some virus.

Papa : Yes, I gave you the ring, a virus has come in my phone. Please delete that and also delete the  ‘Blue Whale Game’ from it.

Computer Expert : I have updated your phone with latest anti-virus and now your phone is clean.

Parent of Child 9 : You see, this is the reason as to why students should not be given the mobile phone.

Child 11 : I am friend of Child 1 and I know that she would never misuse her phone. It’s not that things went wrong because the parent has given the mobile phone to student. But, it went wrong because children are not told about the precautions to be taken. It’s the same phone on which you called your child9 and asked her to meet you at the entrance game. Moreover, in the whatsapp group of the students, we update ourselves with the classnotes and homework.

Dance Teacher : We can say that mobile is necessary in many situations and at the same time if not handled properly, it can be an evil. So, we should use the phone cautiously and always under the guidance of our parents.


Thanking You All…


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