Review : Man Manthan by Dr. Amit Prakash

The poems by Mr. Amit Prakash are very heartfelt and you can always relate with them somewhere or the other. They are not only lucid and rhythmic but also has a  deep sense of beauty and feelings. Just like a rainbow has many colors in it, the poems of Amit covers many facets of life, be it Softness, Sprituality, Search, Haiku, Eco or Patience.

Your lines in the poem ‘Aabhar’ for Parents is very touching and true…” Yu to yeh raah aasaan n thi, per chulu ish hod me tha, lagne n paya paw me kanta per koi, kyonki me to aapki gaud me tha”. A Maa nurtures and nourishes us is so many ways, she takes all the pains so that we always feel comfortable. A very beautiful and heart touching expression by you…

Diwani  bas eek majno tha, yeh hamme n batlaiye

Uski eek lela thi, toh kya, Amit ke maan me bhi eek bela thi…

Amit is a fascinating read when it comes to romance, his lines in “Mehakte Jajsbaat” is for you to judge.. ‘Dundhta hu tujhe in lakero me, ke teri khawish beintihaan hai, hai baasa tera aks ish dil me, per jane tu kanha hai, jane tu kanha hai…”

His lines from ‘Haste Jakhm’ are like masterpiece to be cherished  forever , “ Muddete beeti khusiyoun ki chah me, ke hamne gam me bhi muskurrana sikh liya, mila n kandha bhi jab in aansuo ko, hamne khud ko hi mannana sikh liya..

 His poem on Women Power, ‘Nari Shakti’ has a very tender description of the women rights and power.

‘Mei nari hu mei sable hu, samroop hu mei per heen nahi’. Each poem is such that it competes with the other. One of my favourite is his lines from “Siskiya” ‘ Jhalak jaye n ish dil se koi gam, ke akshar yunhi has liya karta hu, tuth jata tha jin per aansunho ka bandh, un jasbaato ko kes liya karta hu.’ You need to read him in order to discover him.













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