Length, Capacity and Weight

Once there were three friends. They studied in the same School and in the same class. The name of the first, second and third  girl was ‘Length’, ‘Capacity’ and ‘Weight’ respectively. They were good friends.They were talking among themselves in the Long Break.

‘Length’ said: Hello my friends ‘Weight’ and ‘Capacity’.

‘Weight ’and ‘Capactiy’: Hi ‘Length’.

Length : Someone was saying me that I am superior than both of you and I thought , that’s true. Do you both also agree.

To this, both said that we do not agree. Weight said I am better and  Capacity said ‘I’ rudely. Then, they stopped talking to each other.

One day the teacher said that there’s a competition in the class. Students has to form a group of three. The teams have to cook Maggie and the one which serves me first shall be the winner. The conditions are :

  1. Each noodle in of the Maggie shall not be less than 15 centimetre long,
  2. the capacity of the container in which Maggie shall be served should not be less than a pint ( 2 cups), and
  3. the weight of the Maggie should not be more than ½ pound.

Soon, the three friends realised that they all are important and are best when together. The three friends formed a team and said as follows:

Length : Dear ‘Weight’ and ‘Capacity’, please forgive me for what I had said. We can only win the Competition by teaming up.

‘Weight’ and ‘Capacity’: You are right, we are also sorry for being rude.

Length: I shall take care that the length of each noodle in the Maggie is more than 15 cm.

Capacity : I shall ensure that the size of container is not more than 2 pint so that the capacity of the Maggie is limited to that.

Weight : I shall ensure that the Maggie shall not weight more than ½ pound so that teacher could hold the plate and enjoy the meal.

 They teamed up and won the competition.

The moral of the story is that by coming together we can always benefit more than what can be get singly. Unity is strength, we should always unite.


Author: bedtimestories511

I am a tax consultant by profession.

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