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Hi everyone. I always wanted to start a Blog but was hesitant. After getting encouragement from my wife, I made up my mind to write a Blog for short stories. I had the habit of telling my daughter bed time stories. She enjoyed it a lot, its a different thing that if some grown up would be sitting nearby, he or she would surely leave the room within 10 minutes, but this never stopped me and my daughter have the fun..



Have we ever wondered that small habits on your part for small things in life can go a long way in making our live far more easier. Carelessness is inbuilt in us and sometimes this attitude taxes. Take for instance, our being staying carefree for the mosquitoes which fly around in our homes, unless and until we hear in the news about some deaths or alarming number of increasing malaria or dengue patients, we hardly care to buy any mosquito repellent or Goodnight Activ+ System. The purpose of writing this blog is to raise your awareness about the seriousness of the issue. Do you know that dengue cases in India in 2016 were 1,29,166 which rose to 1,57,220 in 2017 (http://nvbdcp.gov.in/den-cd.html). If mosquitoes can keep up their reputation then can be not beat them by lowering their number, especially when our own number is increasing by significant multiplication every year. The name of the infliction by mosquito force keeps on changing, we just need to be more aware of it so that we can prevent it beforehand. One such infection is Japanese Encephalitis virus.

Early Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis virus

The mosquito is sure a dangerous insect. One bite from the infected mosquito can land you in a hospital. Apart from causing Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and Zika Virus, the infected mosquito can also cause Japanese Encephalitis virus.

What is a Japanese Encephalitis virus?

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a flavivirus, spread by Culex mosquitoes and related to dengue and yellow fever. It is closely related to West Nile and St. Louis encephalitis viruses. The Japanese Encephalitis virus is on the rise mainly in the Asian countries. The JE virus primarily affects children.

JE is spread by the Culex mosquitoes, specifically those of the Culex tritaeniorhynchus. Pigs and wild birds serve as a reservoir for the virus. The disease mostly occurs in rural agricultural areas, often associated with rice production and flooding irrigation. In some regions of Asia, the condition can occur near urban centers.

The infection usually occurs in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region. Japanese Encephalitis virus transmission intensifies during the rainy season, during which the vector populations increase.

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis Virus

To diagnose any disease, it is essential to know the symptoms. The symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis virus include-

  1. Less than 1 percent of patients infected with Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus develop clinical illness.
  2. Initial symptoms of JE virus often include fever, headache, and vomiting.
  3. Mental status changes, neurologic symptoms, weakness, and movement disorders might develop over the next few days.
  4. Seizures are common, especially among children.
  5. The JE virus is also characterized by neck stiffness, disorientation, spastic paralysis and ultimately death.

The Japanese encephalitis symptoms usually take 5-15 days to develop in any patient. Symptoms that occur later include swelling around the brain and coma. Japanese Encephalitis is a serious disease that may cause death. About 1 in every four patients die every year because of JE virus.

There is no cure for the disease. The treatment for JE is focused on relieving severe clinical signs and supporting the patient to overcome the infection. Safe and effective vaccines are available to prevent JE.

Prevention of the JE virus

Besides the vaccines, JE virus can be prevented by executing the following measures-

  1. Use insect repellent– When you go outdoors, use the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On or the Goodknight Patches (for infants) that can protect the body from mosquito for up to 8 hours. Even a short time outdoors can be long enough to get a mosquito bite.
  2. Wear proper clothing to reduce mosquito bites– Wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants and socks whenever outdoors. Mosquitoes may sometimes bite through thin clothing, so treating clothes with mosquito repellent might be a good idea.
  3. Reduce exposure to mosquitoes during peak biting hours– The mosquitoes that transmit JE virus feed mainly outside during the cooler hours from dusk to dawn. Travellers to high risk areas should consider minimizing outdoor activities at these times if possible.

Now you know the symptoms and how to prevent the JE virus, be better prepared to fight it out. Stay safe.

Review : Man Manthan by Dr. Amit Prakash

The poems by Mr. Amit Prakash are very heartfelt and you can always relate with them somewhere or the other. They are not only lucid and rhythmic but also has a  deep sense of beauty and feelings. Just like a rainbow has many colors in it, the poems of Amit covers many facets of life, be it Softness, Sprituality, Search, Haiku, Eco or Patience.

Your lines in the poem ‘Aabhar’ for Parents is very touching and true…” Yu to yeh raah aasaan n thi, per chulu aashman..me ish hod me tha, lagne n paya paw me kanta per koi, kyonki me to aapki gaud me tha”. A Maa nurtures and nourishes us is so many ways, she takes all the pains so that we always feel comfortable. A very beautiful and heart touching expression by you…

Diwani  bas eek majno tha, yeh hamme n batlaiye

Uski eek lela thi, toh kya, Amit ke maan me bhi eek bela thi…

Amit is a fascinating read when it comes to romance, his lines in “Mehakte Jajsbaat” is for you to judge.. ‘Dundhta hu tujhe in lakero me, ke teri khawish beintihaan hai, hai baasa tera aks ish dil me, per jane tu kanha hai, jane tu kanha hai…”

His lines from ‘Haste Jakhm’ are like masterpiece to be cherished  forever , “ Muddete beeti khusiyoun ki chah me, ke hamne gam me bhi muskurrana sikh liya, mila n kandha bhi jab in aansuo ko, hamne khud ko hi mannana sikh liya..

 His poem on Women Power, ‘Nari Shakti’ has a very tender description of the women rights and power.

‘Mei nari hu mei sable hu, samroop hu mei per heen nahi’. Each poem is such that it competes with the other. One of my favourite is his lines from “Siskiya” ‘ Jhalak jaye n ish dil se koi gam, ke akshar yunhi has liya karta hu, tuth jata tha jin per aansunho ka bandh, un jasbaato ko kes liya karta hu.’ You need to read him in order to discover him.














As we know that Mobile is useful but at the same time can be harmful if not handled properly and when it comes to our little ones, we get over cautious. They have their own sets of arguments towards defending their stand on having their personal mobile whereas we have our own set of concern. Here is a skit on  ‘Mobile: A Necessary Evil’ to bring out the same.  I hope that you all will enjoy the Play.

Narrator1  : Dear friends, if a debate is conducted on whether we should have mobile or not then that would definitely be lengthy because we would not be giving up easily and at the same time our parents would not hesitate to try every trick in their book to persuade us or force us to stay away with it. Here is a skit in which some students pose as parents and some as their children to prove there point.

Child 1 : Mumma, you know that today there is annual function in the School and I want you and Papa to come on time and sit on the front row in the auditorium. My dance shall start sharp at 3.00 p.m. and I hope to see you in the front row. Your presence shall definitely cheer me up.

Mumma : Surely, my baccha. We shall be before time, you need not worry.

Papa : Beta, but where exactly is this auditorium located in your big School. What if we find it difficult to locate and you shall also be busy with your dance troop, who shall attend us then ?

Child 1 : I have a simple solution, let me carry the mobile and just give me a ring when you reach the entrance of the School.

Mumma : No way, how can you come up with the weird thought that I shall allow you the mobile. Mobile has many other features and our beta is not big enough to handle it.

Papa : Beta , I liked your point but you see but you see that your Mumma is also not wrong.

Narrator 1 : Child 1 thinks in her mind that every time Mumma comes up with something and Papa has to say the same old thing, ‘Beta you are right but your know that your Mumma is also not wrong’. I have to give a try to this in some other manner. Child 1 then makes a call to her best friend Child 2

Child 1 : Hello Child2, how are you my friend.

Child 2 : I am fine, how are you and what’s that urgent that you have to call me at 9:30 p.m. You know that by 9.45 my Mom strictly sends me to Bed.

Child 1 : The matter is not urgent but something more than that, it’s an emergency. I want to carry a mobile on our Annual Day Function but Mumma is not allowing. What to do ?

Child 2 : I have a idea, let us post this topic in our whatsapp group, though it’s a group of our friends but half of the number are that of our parents and I know that most of them  keep an eagle’s eye on what’s being posted. In fact, I have done it while we are talking. The post is, ‘Dear friends, should our Parent allow us to carry mobile on Annual Function Day in School’. You can go and see for yourself as to how things are shaping up.

Narrator 2: Now I shall tell you the content of the Whatsapp group. I am sure that you will be taken by surprise on how different an opinion can be on a single issue.

Child 3 : Wow Child2, you have posted a query which was going in my mind too. Parents should definitely allow us to have mobile. They say that you have grown up enough to shoulder new responsibilities and at the same time they do not want us to give the responsibility of carrying a mobile.

Child 4: I agree with Child3, if they will not give us new responsibility then how will we mature with time. We can take care of mobile, we are not kids anymore, they should know that we study in Class VII.

Child 5 : I am the Mumma of Child5, you kids are taking us wrong. You see that Mobile has internet and I know that first thing you will do is to download your favourite game and waste most of your time.

Child 6: I agree with Child 5. I had given once my Cellphone to my daughter and after 10 minutes, I saw her playing the game which was no good.

Child 7: Aunty, I agree that some child play game and some watch cartoons but most of us watch educational videos which is good academically.

Child 8: I think Child 7 is right. I gave mobile to my daughter last night to watch Byjus so that she can revise her Science topic and she did not break my trust.

Child 1 : I am the mother of Child1, my daughter asked me the Mobile for Annual Day and after going through the conversation, I think that I should give her idea a try.

Mummy : My dear Child1 , I have decided to allow you to carry mobile in School but you should use it only for attending my call or that of your Papa and for calling us, if needed.

Child 1 : Thank you Mumma.

Narrator2 : Child 1’s Papa gave his iphone 8S to her. On the Annual Function Day, she takes that mobile to her School.

Iphone8s : Papa has given me to her, he could have given her some silly Nokia phone. A smartphone like me does not suit her. Let’s see if she can handle me. At least dear Papa, should have activated the child lock.

Child 9 : Hi Child1, is that a mobile in your hand. Let me see once, wow it is amazing. I shall give it to you in 5 minutes. My mom was worrying for me, let me give her a call and say that if needed, she can call me in this number.

Dance teacher :Come on children, let’s take a rehearsal. Child 1, how will you show your wrist movements, with the mobile in your hand. Give it to Child 10 while you dance.


Child 10: What’s this ? Don’t tell me that this is iphone8s, launched last Sunday. Let me check it out. Where’s my favourite game ,’Blue Whale’? No problem, here goes the download. Now this is better, I shall play while she dance.

Virus : My dear Child 10, you have done a mistake by downloading this game. This game is especially made for  Child like you who shall help me break loose in the pretex of the game. Let me see what do I have for dinner in this, my favourite, iphone 8S.

iphone 8S : This virus had to come in me, why did he not find any other place on this Earth to create a nuisance.

Virus : Ha ha ha iphone 8S, are you scarred. I have not started yet.

iphone 8S : scarred of you, not at all. I can take care of evil mind like you, that’s what differentiates me with other phones.

Virus: Differentiate you, in which world do you stay ? The Company which has installed antivirus in you is the one that have created me. The only difference is that first they sell the anti-virus and later on they launch the virus so that people pay money to get there anti-virus updated. You are such a child, ha ha ha..

Child 10: The phone is ringing Child 1, I think the call is for you.

Child 1: Hello, hi Child1. I am the mumma of Child 9. Can you tell her to come at entrance gate to pick me up and is there some problem in you cell, the call gets diverted to different numbers. It’s the fourth call in which I am able to talk to you.

Narrator 3: As you all know, the unthinkable has happen. The situation in which Child 1 has been put in is not comfortable at all. The parents shall now definitely justify there not giving mobile phone to their children. Let’s see how thing turn up now. The phone rings again and Child 1 picks it up.

Papa:  Hello Beta, I got a call from bank that I have made a purchase of 50,000/- from my credit card and I did not do that. The card details are stored in the phone which you have and I have not given the same to anyone. Did you give the phone to someone ? We are about to reach your school. Please meet us at the entrance gate after 10 minutes.

Dance Teacher: What’s the matter Child 1, you look tensed.

Child 1: Ma’am, the mother of child 9 says that calls in your phone are being diverted and Papa called up and said that someone has used his credit card details to withdrawn 50,000/- from bank and the details are present only in this cell phone. I did not give the cell phone to anyone except to Child 9 who called her Mom in front of me and  Child 10 while I was rehearsing.

Dance Teacher : Child 10, tell me the truth, what did you do with the phone ? If you do not tell me the truth then I shall surely take you to the Principal Ma’am. You know that no one can lie in front of her.

Child 10 : Ma’am , I just kept it while she was dancing. Just check out few features and that’s it.

Narrator  3 : The teacher though it to be wise to take the matter to the Principal and she took Child 1, Child 9 and Child 10 to the Principal and narrated the whole story.

Principal : You see Child 10, you tell me frankly what’s the matter. I have always treated every child of this School as my own family member. I am so attached with everyone here that I understand each one of you. I know that you are a little over enthusiast and that’s the reason why I recommended you for the quiz games and robotic classes. There’s definitely something more you have done with the phone other than mere checking of features. If you tell me now, I shall not scold you rather I shall help you but if you do not let me help you than things will definitely go wrong for you. I shall have no option left, other than calling your parents.

Child 10 : I just downloaded , ‘The Blue Whale’ game in it. I could barely play it. I did not have the blue pen so I used the black pen to draw the Blue or shall I call it The Black Whale on my hand as a part of the game.

Principal : You are calling the game as ‘The Blue Whale’ or rather  ‘The Black Whale’. Do you think this is funny. Your playing this game is more serious than any other thing on this Earth. The creator of the game, ‘The Blue Whale’ is a malicious mind. The game itself is the biggest virus and the downloading brings other virus along. This game secretly extorts  all the personal information from you and use it to blackmail you, injure you and even to kill you. One should always stay away with it and if one come across such game then the first thing to be done is to tell your parents about it and stop playing it.

Narrator  4 : We can see that the Principal Ma’am quickly found everything out. So, as it goes in our homes that no one can hide anything from Mumma, the same goes in School as , ‘No one can hide anything from the Principal Ma’am’. The principal Ma’am explained the whole situation to the parents of Child 1 and recommended them to call a mobile expert to clean the virus. The parents of Child 1 did exactly the same.

Computer Expert : Hi, I am the computer expert and someone told me to come in the Principal’s Room for some cleaning some virus.

Papa : Yes, I gave you the ring, a virus has come in my phone. Please delete that and also delete the  ‘Blue Whale Game’ from it.

Computer Expert : I have updated your phone with latest anti-virus and now your phone is clean.

Parent of Child 9 : You see, this is the reason as to why students should not be given the mobile phone.

Child 11 : I am friend of Child 1 and I know that she would never misuse her phone. It’s not that things went wrong because the parent has given the mobile phone to student. But, it went wrong because children are not told about the precautions to be taken. It’s the same phone on which you called your child9 and asked her to meet you at the entrance game. Moreover, in the whatsapp group of the students, we update ourselves with the classnotes and homework.

Dance Teacher : We can say that mobile is necessary in many situations and at the same time if not handled properly, it can be an evil. So, we should use the phone cautiously and always under the guidance of our parents.


Thanking You All…


If Lord Krishna would have to tease Radha in the present world of Gadgets and online social media availability, he definitely, would have used them in his day to day life.

The story revolves around, basically, the three characters : (i) Radhika (ii) Subhadra and (iii) Krishan. Subhadra and Krishna being brother and sisters and Radhika being best friend of Subhadra. This was the time when these three were having school summer holidays and being neighbours had the opportunity to meet time and again in the tution class or dance class or in the park. The Scene is of Tution Class where all three studied together for the subject Maths. They all had latest mobiles, I-Phone laced with updated apps. The prominent which kept them busy was (i)Facebook, (ii) Twitter and (iii) Whatsapp.

The favourite  app of Radhika was Whatsapp. She was  member in atleast 10 groups and the biggest group of them was that of her school friends. Krishna believed more in Twitter as he liked that people follow him rather than he giving follow back to anyone, except to special few, like Radhika. Subhadra was comfortable with Facebook as she liked the gossips and comments on any issue, moreover from there she could also keep an eye on the activities and moves of his boy friend, Arjun. All three went for the tution class.

Radhika, Subhadra and Krishna : Good morning teacher , ‘Drona’.

Drona : Good morning students. How are you all ? As I promised you, I have prepared a mock maths question paper for you all to solve. I have typed and scanned in pdf and will forward you from my mobile.

Drona then quickly googles few teaching sites and then download’s one mock question paper from the facebook page of the teaching site ,’BYJUS’ and forwards to the student.

Krishna: Chuckles..

Radhika looks at Krishna with awe. While the teacher is busy sending with his laptop, she does whatsapp to Krishna ‘What is it?   Krishna whatsapp again that this is the mock question paper from BYJUS which he solved last night.

The teacher says  that he is going for some important work and would like to see the paper solved on coming back, i.e., within half an hour.

Krishna solves it in 10 minutes and send’s the pic of solved paper to  Subhadra. The following conversation takes place on Whatsapp between them.

Subhadra: Thanks Bro. Please also share the solved paper with Radhika.

Krishna: Let her ask and then I shall definitely send.

Radhika: I do not require, any help. I shall do it myself.

Subhadra : What’s the matter Radhika ?

Radhika: I am angry with Krishna. Yesterday, when I was taking a pot of Butter to my Dad’s shop in the market, he confronted me and offered to sell it at a price more than the market price but till now he has neither returned my Pot nor has given any money for it. I doubt he has eaten it himself along with his idle friends.

Subhadra: How can you say that he might have eaten it.

Radkhika : I saw his tweet, ‘ utterly butterly delicious’ and his picture in which he was posing along with the AMUL girl.

Subhadra then checks the tweet and replies back, ‘Have you eaten the whole pot’

Krishna tweets back : Na Sis, just tasted a bit.

Radhika sees the tweet

Radhika tells to Subhadra in a loud voice: Krishna is a liar, I myself have seen pictures posted on facebook by his friend Sudama in which he is seen eating butter along with him and his friends from the pot of mine.

On listening to the loud voice, the old mother of the Drona comes out of her room.

Mother: Childrens do not talk, I shall tell to Drona, better do your homework.

Radhika then forwards the facebooks pics of Krishna, Sudama and friends to Subhadra.

Subhadra writes on the facebook picture post: What brother, have you eaten the whole of butter.

Krishna wrote back: No, I just tasted it. Got to be sure that the butter is not spoilt.

Subhadra: Why is Sudama having it ?

Krishna: As customers were not forthcoming, Sudama had to eat a bit himself to make passerby realize that the butter is good and they can buy it.

Subhadra: Why are your friends having it ?

Krishna: The other guys are not my friends, they are prospective customers, just tasting it before making a mind to buy.

Subhadra: Then how much did you sell it ultimately for?

Krishna : I couldn’t , the butter was so less that it got over by just offering a bit of it to the prospective customers.

Radhika whatsapp to  Krishna: You have neither given me money nor any butter.

Krishna : Your butter was not good enough, so there was no buyer.

They all left the tution class after submitting there papers to Drona. Though Krishna had solved the paper in 10 minutes, but the student who got the highest marks was Radhika.

Subhadra(on Messenger): Hi Arjun, can you come in the park by 6 pm. I need to tell you something.

Arjun (in the park): Hey my Shubuu, what’s up !

Subhadra : Krishna has gone very naughty and teases Radhika now and then, do something to slow him down.

Arjun : No problem, this would be the first thing in the morning that I shall do.

Next day, early morning Krishna goes to the field for grazing his cows and  Arjun too  reaches there to meet him. On seeing Arjun,

Krishna : Hey Parth, how come you here.

Arjun : My lord, Subhadra is little worried with the way you play around Radhika. She has asked him to help her out. I somehow controlled my laughter and have assured her that things would be fine by tomorrow.

Krishna : Hahaha, you know Parth, in this world, everything is so materialistic, even the actions and words committed by human being have  motives behind, if you sit back and recall, it is difficult to find memories worth cherishing, therefore by such incidents I create memories that can stay close to my heart forever. As far as the  loss of butter-pot by Radhika, do not worry, I shall makeup for that. My Flute is updated with state-of-the-art technology and I can set frequencies waves so at to reach out only to the desired listeners. I have set the frequency as to reach the cow-shed of Radhika’s house.

Krishna then played his flute with such melody so as to be audible only to the cows in Radhika’s Cowshed. Radhika’s mother was milking at that moment. As soon as the cow’s heard the melodious flute, a spell was cast on them and they kept on giving milk, more than usual. Radhika’s mother was astonished and happy at the same time. She already has filled 10 buckets of milk as compared to the daily average of 5.

Krishna took Arjun along to Radhika’s house

Krishna : Hello, is anyone home ?

Radhika’s Mom : Who is it ? Oh Krishna and Arjun, how come you are here ?

Krishna: Hello Aunty, I have come here to compensate Radhika for the loss of butter pot.

Radhika’s Mom : Oh forget it, do not worry. Today is an auspicious day, my cows have given me milk, twice of what I get daily. This will not only makeup the loss but also give me some surplus butter to sell. You have come at the right time, have some butter and food.

Radhika : Oh Krishna, you are here along with Arjun, it’s very good. I was saying Mom about the pot full of butter which you took from me. She was very upset early morning, now face the music youself. Mom have you enquired about the pot with Krishna.

Radhika’s Mom : Oh sweetheart, forgive the poor soul. He had no bad intention, he looks so innocent.

Krishna laughs hearing this and Arjun laughs along while Radhika turned red in anger but was not in a position to say something or do something.

Moral of the story is that do not take life too seriously, it’s only one chance that which we have got, take it easy, enjoy it but at the same time act responsibly so as to not to  harm anyone with your acts and deeds and should always be ready to make good the loss.


Balaji mahra, Balaji mahra….

Balaji mahra bega aawo na, Balaji mahna darsh dikhlawo na

Mei toh thana hi udeek rahiyo, thari hi bat  hu me jot rahiyo,

Mahro kaaj bhari hai isso, so mand ro bhar hai jisso,

They hi aash ho mahri, dil ki darkhwast ho sari,

Kaam kathin hai bhari, samashya sir per aa ri
Balaji mahra, Balaji mahra….

Balaji mahra bega aawo na, Balaji mahna darsh dikhlawo na

Din dhukiya ka laaj they rakho, mahri bhi mann ri bath they rakho

Kiyo jo mei ne loga su vyado, baa sakla ro they rakhjo kyado,

Kast mharo aab mit hi jawa, ghoto tharo aab jorko aawa

Dusta ka sir chakrawa, budhi banki sahi ho gawa.


Balaji mahra, Balaji mahra….

Balaji mahra bega aawo na, Balaji mahna  darsh dikhlawo na

Mei kyu aashay mahsus karu, kyu mei kuna mei beth maru,

Mei hu na koi isso bisso, mei toh hu eek bhakt ro kisso,

Balaji bhawa thari  bhakti  mahna, karo aab jo jacha hai thana

Mhari aab  laaj hai thari, karo saab, vinti  mahri

Balaji mahra, Balaji mahra….

Balaji mahra bega aawo na, Balaji mahna darsh dikhlawo na

Sahas mei hu tha su pawu, thara gunna su mei raj raj jawu

Kadam aab jor ko badau, piccha hatna ko naam n sunawu,

dekhu aab shakti thari, Kunsi vipati padsi bhari

naam tharo me le ker jawu, Darsh tharo aaj hi pawu


Balaji mahra, Balaji mahra….

Balaji mahra bega aawo na, Balaji mahra darsh dikhlawo na

Balaji mahra bega aawo na, Balaji mahra darsh dikhlawo na


There were these two sisters. One was Maya and the other was Chaya. Maya was very frank and attention seeker while Chaya was rational and shy. Inspite of many dissimilarities they were the best of budies for each other and the level of comfort which they found in company of each other was no where else to be found. They made it a point to sit and talk, share, discuss, laugh and cry out the important events of the day, may it be scolding from Dad, appreciation at school, support by Mom or any other. They being twins, had the opportunity to spend the most part of there day together, right from  going to same school, studying in the same section and sharing the same room at Night. When one comes to know that these two go along very well, one is under the impression that they do not have quarrels or misgivings but it is not true, they have hours of discontent too but at the end of the day, there love for each other triumphs over the disagreements. In any relationship, you will always find that one or the other is more understanding, without a bend of compromise here or there, no relationship can sustain, such was there relationship and Chaya was more understanding than Maya.

Maya’s way of doing things were different from that of Chaya’s. Though Maya sarcastically used to tease Chaya that she belongs to the old school and should have taken birth in the generation of her Mom and not with here, Chaya would laughs it out saying that its good that you are getting the company of your sister and supposedly(deemed) mom at the same time.

This is a incidence of Class III when the teacher took Maya in a dance program which was supposed to be performed on the School Annual Day but dropped her later stating that she felt that taking so many dancers on one stage will make the stage crowdie and would not give the impact that was required on the audience. Maya was very angry at this, in the evening then she was in her bunker bed for sleep, she told to Chaya that her teacher was a biased one and favoured the daughter of Mrs Briganza, our math’s teacher and now when I am out, Lulia Briganza would be dancing on the forefront of dance floor, taking all the limelight. Chaya replied that why was she reading between the lines, when your teacher said that too  many on the floor shall disturb the magical impression which she is trying to create , then so be it, by not dancing you are helping your teacher more than what you would have done by dancing. It was many months later when the same teacher insisted solo performance on a number and choose Maya for the dance, did  she realize that how true Chaya was. Life is not always that complicated, it’s that we make it complicated. These words of wisdom were nowhere else to be found.  Chaya too would find her day a waste if her sister did not share the incidents of the day or listened to her in the evening.

As they grew up, Maya being more prettier than Chaya used to get a lot more compliments. When in College, Maya took to cosmetics and all new stuff to make her skin look more young, innocent, fair and glowy. Chaya told her that what’s all this, you already get compliments then why make your face an experimental guinea pig where you have to try the cream of every single popular brand.

Maya :  Why don’t you  admit Chaya that you are jealous of me and does not want me to look more fair than what I already am. Moreover, I do not understand why you too get compliments many a times inspite you being not so good looking as I am.

Chaya (laughing) : You know me, there’s nothing like any of it in me and especially for you sister, I would always be more happy rather than being jealous and as far as beauty is concerned, I personally belief that beauty come not only from looks but also from your thoughts, your mannerism and the level of understanding you show on any matter.

Maya : You know that guy, Suresh, who is in with you in your lab practicals, stares at me and when such handsome guy gives me attention, I need to look the best.

Chaya : You might be feeling so but you don’t know him at all. He can stare you, get attracted towards you but he will not befriend you until and unless he knows you. Do you want to meet him, he will be coming for the science tution near our home. I shall call him home first then we would go together for the class, in the meantime I will introduce him to you so that you could know him.

Maya:  That would be great..wow.

Chaya knew that her sister was heading towards one more lesson in life and the sooner she gets it the better it is. Maya and Suresh were soon chatting, texting and sometimes partying with friends. In a late night party with friends :

Suresh  : Maya you need to make your way back home and should not drink more and moreover your concerned Mom would be calling you at any minute. Few of my friends stay in your area, so you could drop them too.

Maya : Oh Suresh,  don’t be a spoil sport, party is for having fun, enjoy  bring me some more and as far as my Mom is concerned she worries needlessly, will scold a little to me and that’s it, just forget. As far as your friends are concerned, why are they living, actual party has just begin.  If they leave now, they have manage of there own, I have just started to enjoy. Common lets rock…yeh…yeh…

Suresh didn’t like it but being a good friend avoided any unpleasant exchange of words. Chaya than came rushing to Maya and told her that did you see the watch, it’s already past 11pm and it would take another 1 hour to reach home, we can’t keep Mom waiting for so long and since few of the friends of Suresh stay in our area, we shall drop them too.

Maya : Are you serious, do you really want to go.

Chaya: Yes, I am serious and its time for you to get serious. Let’s go and please do not insist on driving, I know that at present I am the best fit to drive.

Suresh was glad that Chaya was understanding enough.

After a week, Suresh proposed Chaya to which she accepted, expressing her overwhelming happiness. Maya was so very disturbed by this turn of events, she was determined to have her last words in her life with Chaya in that evening. Maya loved Suresh and thought Suresh might be having the same feeling for her. Maya was charged and as red as hot iron, ready for deadly strike on Chaya.

Chaya (on seeing Maya):  Maya, my dear sister, you won’t believe what happened today.

Maya : Yeah, I am astonished, I still cannot believe and am in a state of shock.

Chaya: Shock ?. What for ?

Maya : I heard that Suresh proposed you and I am in state of shock to know that you accepted it ?

Chaya : Sister, what’s wrong in his proposal or in my acceptance ?

Maya: Suresh was mine, in fact, he is mine. You knew that I loved him then how dare you not turn down his proposal.

Chaya: I knew that you liked him but did you ever tell me that you loved him, moreover does he have the same feelings towards you.

Maya: Suresh never told me that he liked me or loved me so how could I say this to you and I did not tell you that I loved Suresh because it was so obvious, the way I talked about him and the way he greeted me.

Chaya: Oh common, he greets everyone the same way and I told you the very first day that he was different, he would never become your friend without knowing you and after knowing anyone, he would not go out and propose until and unless he gets what he wants in a girl. You being my sister, even if I would have turned his proposal down for you what would be the guarantee that he would have proposed you next. Though, he has proposed me but you can still go and find out for yourself what he thinks of you.

The next day on seeking Suresh in the College campus, Maya approached him.

Maya :Hi Suresh

Suresh : Hi

Maya: Tell me something honestly, do you like me ?

Suresh: Why are you asking ?

Maya : Just tell me.

Suresh: Offcourse I like you !

Maya : Then why did you go out and propose Chaya. What’s in Chaya that’s not in me ?

Suresh: Maya  do not take me otherwise but I like so many other girls too but that does not mean that I have feeling towards them so to call it ‘love’. Love is different from Like and you propose only to the girl who you love. You are also a very sweet person but I have a liking for Chaya. When you love someone, you don’t need a reason, the feeling comes from within.

Maya realized that she was being irrational. She realized that it’s not the outer beauty that can win hearts but it’s the inner beauty, character, grit, substance, integrity and strength that can get you laurels or make a place in someone’s heart.  So, the moral of the story is that if you want something positive to happen to you then the journey starts within.

IBMC#2 Freeze A Foto Challenge





My  sister-in –law, Riddhi, was getting married, her marriage was fixed and everyone including me and my wife were very happy, as after ten years of my wedding another wedding was going to happen in the family . A feeling of happiness and enthusiasm ran among all of us. These are unique days, you feel the joy of seeing your dear one making a new bright beginning in life and it feels very satisfying to be a part of the event.

This was the day of the Sangeet, just before the ‘D’ day everyone danced there heart out. On request of my Sali Sahiba, I kept  curly locks as I didn’t have to work hard for it just skipped going for hair cuts :). Everyone was fond of that look , I must be sounding self obsessed but actually I was very excited.  Riddhi is just like a child to me. She was just 14 when I got married and seeing her happy was giving me a soothing satisfaction , which you can even feel now .

Well , The day of Sangeet was the day for me to flaunt my hair and my new look . Let me tell you that I am among the worst dancer ever around. My dance is the typical dance as shown by the friends in front of Bridegroom when he is sitting on the horse outside the Bride’s house.Every step was enough to evoke your burst of laughter at which you yourself would be surprised because you would be witnessing a man swimming who does not know how to swim, a person driving a car who does not know where the breaks are but the occasion was such that I could not stop myself from dancing.

Here comes the best part which I can never forget, God knows what came over me, I danced like a crazy in a nomadic manner, one of its kind. Riddhi enjoyed a lot, she joined me later, followed by the group of her lovely friends, Her Beautiful friends were encircling me and were hooting like anything  , Each one of them were enjoying the dance and I was the radius of the Circle on the hit number of that time ” Munni badnam hui”…darling there liye….They all portrayed as Munni and I was the darling :):) , Or In other words I was the Jhandu Balm on the ninth cloud and they were all having fun .. Whatever .. Those moments were full of craziness and Full of joy as till today whenever that song hits my or anyone’s ears in the family the neck always turns towards me .